It can be an intimidating duty looking for student accommodation, especially when you are new to the city. Many of our advisors have been students themselves or live in the area and so are best placed to help with your search for property to rent.

There are a couple factors you need to consider including the amount of people you want to live with, the budget, the area of accommodation, the key features and ‘must haves’ and your guarantors.

Once those little details are sorted you can shortlist your favourite properties and apply online to make appointment to view!

Finally, when you have found the accommodation you like, it needs to be secured by paying fees and deposits. For more details please get in touch with us.


Types of accommodations –

Private student halls

If you are moving to Manchester for the first time to study, halls can be a great way of experiencing university life, meeting new people and getting to know the city. Student Halls can also be a great way of focusing on your studies, whilst being close to the fun and facilities. With all the bills usually included in the rent, it can be an ideal answer for those wishing to plan their budget. There are private student halls available for rent in Manchester City Centre and South Manchester.

Student Apartments

Apartments for rent in Manchester city centre are usually limited to studios, one or two bedrooms. It is possible to find more bedrooms, but they are few which are competitive in the city so we would recommend you start your search early! However, on the outskirts of the city centre there is a mix of flats and apartments available to rent for students